Revenue protection

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Solutions for subledger accounting


The ATRON background system has financial accounting to record all revenues. From the point of view of the transport company, this is subledger accounting, in which deptor accounts manage the coordinatiom of money transactions for all sales channels and current claims per account can be determined at any time. The booking processes are usually automated, but can also be carried out manually. The accumulated data are transferred to the central accounting of the transport company via a defined interface for further processing.

  • the sales data are automatically and online transferred to the ATRON background system
  • on dept accounts claims are generated (debit), which are tested/matched with the statistics
  • revenue is also transferred to the ATRIES-FIBU, either by importing the payment file from the bank or as payments directly via the FIBU payment entry
  • incoming payments are booked to the debt accounts on the credit side
  • authorized users can use the correction functions, post-sales entry and sales correction to collect post sales or cancellations directly

ATRON Seller accounting

Automated & reliable

The sales data are sent online to the ATRIES backend and set in the sales shift table. Every single transaction made by the seller is visible there. The sales data is continuously transferred to ATRIES modules such as the ATRIES-FIBU and the ATRIES statistics via automatic job runs.

Authorized users can use the correction functions, post-sales entry and sales correction to collect post sales or cancellations directly.

If tickets are sold by cash payment, the drivers must deliver this revenue to the transport company. The DEBAS system supports various processes for deposit of cash payment. In any case, the seller's payment is transferred to the ATRIES FiBu and booked to the seller's debt account as a credit entry.

The current seller balances are therefore always available in the seller's debt accounts. Using the ATRON Online Account (AOK) function, the seller can display his current account balance and print an account statement.

ATRON paper tracking (APV)

Complete from recording through output

The paper tracking is primarily used for the administration and complete tracking of paper rolls with regard to their consumption and retention. The status of a paper roll must be known at all times, for example whether the paper roll has been issued to and is still in the possession of an employee, whether it has been inserted and used in a vending machine, or whether it has been used up and can be endet. Furthermore it must be possible to display the remaining quantity on the vending machine at any time.

With ATRON paper tracking, manipulations of the paper roll can also be quickly identified. Suspicious processes such as unregistered paper removal are automatically displayed and delineated. The operator can react to this and block affected paper rolls so that they can no longer be used.

RoCi paper roll out

Product of Diagramm Halbach

With the RoCi, the roll out is guaranteed at all times. Each roll of tickets is registered and trackable within their system. The installed Windows 10 system can be administered via network access and can be connected to an administration system via standard interfaces (rest/web services). With Quickstart, personal and administrative data can be imported into the RoCi system via CSV/XML.

For the new product RoCi - Roll Out Client Identification, ATRON offers a powerful web interface with connection to the role management in the ATRON backend system.

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