Penalty management

Consistant & transparent


ATRON ATCS RX as a reliable data source

The quality of the service provided by transport companies is increasingly being checked by service providers. Sampling measurements are usually based on real-time data from the data hubs. As a KPI (key performance indicators), for example, the contractually agreed punctuality is considered. If the agreed minimum quality is not achieved, sometimes sensitive penalties come up.

With the ATCS RX from ATRON, transport companies realize penalties and the non-fulfillment of KPIs at an early stage. As with punctuality, for example, it is possible to provide the service providers with a valid evidence. By using event management in a targeted manner, the employees in the control centre are informed of any need for action at an early stage and immediately receive a proposal for problem solving. Further detailed information are also quickly and intuitively shown in the system.

If failures and unpunctuality are unavoidable, the system offers the possibility to inform passengers immediately and to convey the reasons to the task holder. In addition, detailed recording is carried out, which provides a solid basis for the continuous improvement process.