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ATRON Ticketing

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Modern ticketing is more than just ticket sales. The digitization of mobile applications stand for flexible options for passengers on the one hand, and on the other hand it pose transport companies with complex challenges. ATRON offers a wide range of intelligent solutions for ticket sales: from stationary and mobile vending machines, via chip card terminals to browser-based web shops. All options are based on the efficient and proven ATRON infrastructure.

Overview of ATRON solutions:

  • e-Ticketing Solutions & tickets
  • sale devices for use in vehicles and at stops/customer centres
  • entry control and ticket inspection solutions
  • revenue protection through complete seller accounting and paper tracking
  • customer and subscription management
  • webshop solutions in individual CI (Corporate Identity)

Increasing amounts of data place new demands on the sales background system. ATRON clusters large monoliths in a smart micro-service architecture. The data is distributed over various databases that communicate intelligently with one another, this means that all systems can be quickly adaptable and expandable for new requirements.

Open interfaces enable transport companies to integrate existing components and systems into the ATRON architecture. Latest ticketing solutions can thus be implemented as a complete solution.

Our aims

  • intelligent solutions for more liveable cities & regions
  • increasing efficiency at our customers & partners
  • transport passengers comfortably & climate friendly from A to B

Our passion

  • digitization, mobility and sustainability - for 40 years
  • robust & durable products with long maintenance cycles
  • open standards and interfaces
  • hightech from Bavaria

E-Ticketing & tickets

In addition to the classic sale of paper tickets, ATRON also supports various e-ticketing standards such as

Nortic HB206

These standards use contactless smart cards as the user medium, which are issued by the transport association/transport company. Tickets and credit are saved on this user medium when purchasing and can be checked for temporal and areal validity when entering the vehicle or for ticket control.

In addition, ATRON also supports "account based ticketing" or "token ticketing", in which the tickets are only saved in the background system. The customer identifies himself with a suitable user medium (token) such as a debit or credit card.

Sales infrastructure

The world of sales is diverse. From ticket sales by the driver, to sales in advance sale centre and customer centres, to self-service purchases at ticket machines and smart card terminals - ATRON offers the right solution for all requirements:

  • AFR 4 - Board computer for driver-based sales in the vehicle
  • ASTS - Android app for sale with smartphone
  • AFA 150 - Terminal for cashless payment of tickets
  • AFA 270 - Ticket vending machine for use in vehicles
  • AFA 470 - Ticket vending machine for stationary use
  • ACT 420 - Customer-operated smart card terminal for eTicketing
  • APA 4 - Advance sale solution for staffed advanced sale centres

Inspection infrastructure

Secure validation of tickets

Ticket validation is as diverse as ticketing. ATRON has the right solutions for every purpose. The AFR 4 and ACT 420 vending machines serve as entry control - in addition, ATRON also offers solutions for validating the tickets in the second lane and on the rear doors.

  • AVT 4.6 - Driver terminal for the display of test results
  • ACT 422 - Smart card terminal for mobile and stationary uses
  • smart ticket sales &inspection - Android app for mobile control devices

An AVT 4.6 is used as a small display device to display the test results of the ACT 420 if there is no on board computer in the vehicle. In the event that no entry control take place (by use of train conducter & inspectors), ATRON supplies an Android app "ASTI" (ATRON smart vehicle inspection), which can be installed on mobile devices suitable for industrial use. This enables a smooth checking of e-tickets with existing devices.

Revenue protection

In order to securely manage the revenue by ticket sales, ATRON offers an extensive product range complete as a solution from a single source.

The services at a glance:

  • subledger accounting (FIBU) - financial accounting in ATRIES (background system)
  • seller accounting - automated and clear in ATRIES
  • ATRON paper tracking for paper tickets
  • ROCI automatic paper roll dispenser - a product of Diagram Halbach

Abo System 5 by ATRON

Administration of customers and subscribers

Much of the revenue for transport companies comes from subscribers and school traffic. In order to guarantee this with a high quality, ATRON offers the software solution "Abo System 5".


ATRON WebTick®

The customizable webshop solution

WebTick® D is a flexible and customizable web shop for purchase tickets in the German market. This gives transport companies the flexibility to sell their tickets flexibly using a standard browser, which can then be quickly checked using the usual control devices.