SMART INDUSTRY 2023, 24th of October 2023, Amadria Park Convention Center Šibenik


SMART INDUSTRY 2023, 24th of October 2023, Amadria Park Convention Center Šibenik.

The prestigious business magazine Poslovni dnevnik organized the Smart Industry conference this year as well, and it has traditionally attracted great interest from domestic and foreign experts from the IT sector and the wider business community. ATRON appeared as one of the 40 sponsors of the conference, which was held this year at the Amadria Park Convention Center in Šibenik. In addition to urban mobility, the focus was on the goals of the European Union to train an additional 20 million ICT experts by the end of the decade with equal percentage of females and males. The goal of digitalization of small and medium-sized enterprises, start-up companies and the use of "cloud" services and artificial intelligence was also discussed.

From the Smart Industry magazine, we bring you a short interview of the editor with the development manager of the ATRON Group, Matthias Moll:

Poslovni dnevnik
According to the latest Eurostat survey on the consumption of smart products connected to the Internet, their use has increased significantly, which clearly indicates their increasing importance in modern life. How do you see this growth, is connectivity something that will soon become an inseparable part of every person's life, something that every business venture depends on? Can we even predict what impact 6G will have on our lives?

Matthias Moll
The trend towards digitization is unmistakable and has virtually touched every aspect of life. The interconnectivity of devices undoubtedly offers enormous possibilities in this context. However, the temporal evolution of trends is driven by a complex interplay with societal and technological environments and cannot always be linearly extrapolated into the future.

Recent years have shown that there is not one "killer application" that revolutionizes our entire lives. Instead, we are experiencing a more evolutionary than revolutionary progress in various applications and industries. Not every change is groundbreaking, and the pace of development is not rapid everywhere – a necessary consequence of the complexity of interconnected systems.

Security and data privacy are key issues here. In interconnected systems, personal data such as movement, communication, and financial transactions are collected and processed. This increases vulnerability to cyberattacks and data misuse. Therefore, it is essential to develop robust security measures to ensure the integrity of the system and user trust.

As pioneers in digitizing public transportation from the outset, one of ATRON's central goals has been and continues to be making public transportation efficient, sustainable, and user-friendly. The interconnection of devices such as vehicle computers, vending machines, and card readers with cloud systems is a fundamental requirement for this. As part of the public infrastructure, IT security and data protection are particularly important here, sometimes slowing down the pace of development. However, the further proliferation of interconnected devices is also a safe prediction in this industry.

Matthias Moll, Head of Development ATRON Group

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