At IT TRANS 2022, ATRON presents the completely newly developed cashless ticket vending machine AFA 150 for the sale of e-tickets and paper tickets


Markt Schwaben (D) / Bronschhofen (CH), December 2021: Under the slogan “ATRON connects”, the ATRON Group is going to present at the IT Trans 2022 pioneering solutions for ticketing, operations control as well as fleet and depot management for Public Transport Operators and Authorities. All disciplines are among themselves perfectly linked, third-party solutions can be integrated thanks to open interfaces.

From May 10th to 12th, 2022 ATRON is going to present at the IT-TRANS (Stand V4, dm-arena) future-oriented and innovative software and hardware solutions. Appointments with ATRON specialists on site can be made via where also free entry tickets can be ordered. Don't miss: ATRON presents in the Block Market Update on the subject of “Digitization in fare management: Ticketing - From paper to digital to virtual”. Date and time will be announced soon.

Ticketing goes paperless
The future-oriented technology solutions from ATRON take into account the special requirements in public transport - especially at the moment in very challenging times. In the area of ticketing, ATRON presents a completely new developed cashless Ticket vending machine for e-tickets and paper tickets. The 10-inch display allows a quick selection of the ticket, the display also serves as a real-time passenger information. The vending process of the tickets goes electronically (VDV-KA, ATRON Token Ticket, SwissPass) and the payment is made possible by an integrated EMV reader (Europay, Mastercard, Visa). This new solution for e-ticketing increase travel comfort for the passengers and relieve the driver of time consuming ticket sales. The stationary outdoor version can also be used as a 24/7 sales channel e.g. in customer centers or at highly frequented platforms and bus terminals. With two integrated printing units, this ticket vending machine needs extremely low-maintenance. The mobile version is easy to install and suits perfect for use in buses and trains.

As an even more compact version, the latest ATRON validator complements the e-ticketing portfolio. This validator version can be used for entry control as well as for the sale of e-tickets. This ATRON validator reads quickly and reliably contactless e-ticket cards (VDV-KA, SwissPass, Acount Based Token Ticketing) as well as 2D barcodes on mobile phone apps and paper tickets. E-tickets can be quickly selected and purchased using the touch screen. In the EMV version (for Europay, Mastercard and Visa), open/closed loop scenarios or national ticketing systems (e.g. Sweden) can also be integrated.

Clever solutions for subscriptions and season tickets
For the sales of subscriptions and season tickets, the ATRON subsidiary Digital Data Systems GmbH (DDS) presents solutions with which students, companies and individual passengers can find the right subscription and season ticket. The entire range of subscription solutions with web-based interfaces and modules for customer centers through to all-round carefree full-managed service including a subscription hotline is offered. With secure web portals and order channels from ATRON and DDS, individual and large customers have control over their contracts at all times and can access the lists and forms they need at any time. In addition to relieving staff of simple data entry tasks, the up-to-date and online-based solution for subscriptions and season ticket ensure a positive passenger experience.

Comprehensive operations control system
In the area of operations control technology, ATRON shows innovative control center solutions with a browser-based interface for operations management and passenger information for dispatchers and for customer information centers. The possible uses range from the autonomous control center to the urban variant with extensive dispatching measures. In order to further increase the traveling comfort for the passengers, the passenger information area was expanded with the infotainment module from an ATRON partner.

Forward-looking and efficient
As a highlight in fleet and depot management, the ATRON vehicle computer can transmit the current status of the vehicle to the depot while en-route without the driver having to do any interaction, thus enabling safe and contact-free work. Together with the ATRON fleet operating system, status data such as oil temperature and fill level of the tank or batteries are made available to colleagues in the depot. The reliable and contactless transmission of all relevant fleet data enables predictive maintenance and thus a reduction in repair and operating costs.

Relief for drivers and administration
With the newly developed autonomous logbook, the time-consuming and error-prone manual logbooks are coming to an end. This reduces the administrative effort and at the same time relieves the driver. Applications for tax relief and subcontractor accounts can be created at the push of a button. In addition to the labor savings, the system guarantees the correctness and consistency of the data, which can withstand a check by customs and tax authorities. Neither additional devices or apps nor manual data entry are required for this.

All from a single source
The range of services is rounded off with the ATRON Hosting Service (AHS). ATRON experts offer competent support in many areas, for example in operation and maintenance. ATRON is one of the few providers that develops, integrates and connects the entire package of hardware, software and services from a single source. That is why ATRON rightly claims “We speak public transport”.

Caption: At IT TRANS 2022, ATRON presents the completely newly developed cashless ticket vending machine AFA 150 for the sale of e-tickets and paper tickets. The 10-inch display not only enables quick ticket selection, it also serves as a real-time departure display.

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